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FlowRider Services

Manufacturing and maintaining your FlowRider since the beginning.


“Wow! Our new ride surface looks amazing! So does our new matting, side walls and nozzle flaps – it’s like a brand new ride. Once Zak and Jeff were finished with the refurb, they actually took time to train my staff. Our whole crew has a better understanding of the overall ride and we have a clear maintenance schedule in place now too.”

– Anton Lillsund, Maintenance Manager

“Our guests love our FlowRider, so it gets a lot of use. We knew the wear and tear was becoming more and more obvious. The FlowRider team flew in, assessed what needed to be done and worked with us every step of the way to get our wave looking brand new!”

– Ricky Ruggeri, Corporate Entertainment Director

“We are one of the busiest places in Phuket, so down time is not an option. FlowRider gets that and always acts as fast as they can to help us out. Everything from updating components on the ride to just getting someone on the phone really quick, there’s always someone available.”

– Joe Ang, Owner

“Since the FlowRider is our busiest onboard activity, we need these waves to be in tip top shape. Whether it’s new side wall vinyl or a professionally guided inspection, the FlowRider Services crew always stays on top of it for us.”

– Justin Montgomery, Manager, Quality and Innovation

“At Great Wolf Lodge our focus is to bring joy to families and ensure we are constantly exceed their expectations. We expect the same from our suppliers. We know the team at FlowRider models a similar philosophy and we appreciate it when they go above and beyond to deliver to us the same exceptional service that we give our guests.”

– Wendy Rosales, General Manager


“The FlowRider is a main attraction in our waterpark, and it needs to look its best. The desert sun and hard water can wear on the attraction over time, so when it needed some TLC last year, we called FlowRider. They quickly sent out their lead installers to touch up some foam and vinyl, to make sure our Pillow Padding was on point. The team also performed a top to bottom inspection. As always, we could count on the thoroughness and attention to detail from the FlowRider team. “

– Dave Andrews, General Manger 


Refurbish your FlowRider

Take a look at this cool diagram, give us a call and we'll go over whatever it is you have questions about!  We live for this stuff.


FlowRider products are indeed dynamic – it’s what makes the rider experience so excellent!  Similar to a car though, periodic upkeep is crucial.


Maintain perfect flow & keep patrons safe with these patented flaps.


After normal wear & tear, we help make these padded areas shine again.


Inflatable, easy to use & adds to the versatility of your wave.


This system makes recovery & staff staging areas comfortable & safe.


This patented surface is key to patron safety. We have pro tips to keep it safe!


World’s best pumps are the heart of the FlowRider.  Let’s keep ’em pumpin’!


Our team is dedicated to your team.  The best solution is just around the corner and we want to help you get there.


Our team has a deep understanding of your FlowRider.  We know it’s fun, that you love it, & that your patrons love it, but we also know that it is a precious asset at the center of your business.  We are here to extend our expertise to make certain you are always full steam ahead!


Trust your FlowRider with the “Original” Team.  Not only do we have team members all over the world, we have been installing and refurbishing waves for over 20 years.  No one else comes close!


With over 200 rides in operation all over the world, we must stay laser-focused on safety.  Not only during the design and build phase, but also once in operation.  It could be that your side walls need some attention or your recovery areas need an upgrade.  Call us, we’ll help.


Minnesota-based Life Floor is the pioneer in slip-resistant flooring in aquatic settings. Their industry-leading flooring is nonabrasive, cushioned for bare feet and made to last. WhiteWater & FlowRider, Inc. are exclusive partners with Life Floor, so now we are able to help make the area around your FlowRider even more vibrant, fun & safer for play!


FlowRider Services

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